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Sundown Place Sometimes the day is a great treasure, light winces… 
15th-Jan-2013 01:33 pm
Sundown Place

Sometimes the day
is a great treasure,
light winces behind you
answers flood in front
with the late sun
breathing, gleaming, light-struck, and passing me
looking straight ahead and yet
what reason lies behind if I turned back
and smiled like the way we were
walking towards the lowering sun
to the edge of the ocean
retreating ocean revealing
just as light does shaped by shadow glow
golden endings lingering orange
a path of breath horizon to horizon
and all the stars in the sky visible
or existent by imagination(if in a fog over a field)
the right moment, a little distance
Dear moon, there was an instant blossoming,
the ink red and blue blending and raindrops
yet somewhere now fog suspends
like a porch-light in the quiet galaxy of night
or a bird on my balcony with notes of truth
lifting for sun’s sinking just before evaporating
just once in time to know, awakening
and a path of sunlight moving across a flower
for an instant of yellow echoes
and beyond it this bird carries a note, in mist, a breath
like summer fields of air
swirling in a winter of gone silent, my darling
the first time we saw each other
magic like the bean seeds sprouting truths
leafless limbs now in living soil, rest
my silent hawk flies
and extends love to them in velvet gray
for if once sap-flowing
listen to the song
when the last sun glows red
on that part of my world
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